Babette Treumann

Babette Treumann (Amsterdam, 1950) combines her art of painting with textile experience. What makes this work unique in the arts landscape is the use of the advanced digital technology she uses. Zooming in on a detailed picture of a painting, the colour and structure emerge.  Thanks to the advanced computerized weaving techniques, this detailed image can be developed into a jacquard.

Babette is particularly intrigued by the relation to architecture – both design disciplines build upon constructive systems –  and her work is convincing, as is also reflected in the numerous commissions she received (Art & Business) (since 1950).

Ever since Babette Treumann started making her textile paintings a lighter palette, a looser composition and structures are slowly replacing the abstract geometric, architectural order with spatial effects that was initially dominant in her work.

Babette Treumann goes her own way, choosing unusual combinations and techniques, which lead her to unforeseen results: a form of serendipity.