Pat Houkes

Pat Houkes

Pat Houkes (1951, Australië) woont en werkt in Den Haag. Opleidingen: KABK Den Haag en HKU Utrecht. Zij maakt schilderijen, tekeningen, moderne objecten en installaties met thema’s als kwetsbaarheid, seksualiteit, onthechting en overconsumptie. Pat ontving een fellowship met een solo in New Art Center/CAN (New York). Haar werk is twee jaar achter elkaar geselecteerd voor de Zomerexpo in het Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Opdrachten: portretten, schilderijen en sculpturen, grote muurschilderingen, gordijnen en kamerschermen, naast creatieve personeels- en familiefeesten, bedrijfsuitjes en kinderfeestjes.



Eenmalige expositie in Hilton Venetië: Full expression.
Een kunststad op een sprookjesachtige locatie: centrum Venetië. De locatie ligt zeer centraal en kent
een hoge bezoekersdichtheid, zowel internationaal als nationaal. De historische binnenstad
is op loopafstand! Welke werken passen binnen dit thema?

De werken hangen op druks bezochte plaatsen in het hotel, zodat veel mensen de werken kunnen zien!

Locatie: Hilton Venetië
Expositie bijdrage: 169 ex btw per werk incl opening voor 2 personen.
Maximale afmetingen 100 cm x 100 cm
Start 1 september 2018 tot 30 oktober 2018

Wij verzorgen het transport (heen- en terugreis).
Opening is op 1 september
(of met ontbijt, zodat de rest van de dag in de stad kan worden gebruikt. Of een kleine receptie in de middag).

Daarnaast gelden onze vaste voorwaarden:
Bij verkoop krijgt de kunstenaar 70% van de verkoopsprijs, omdat het uitgangspunt is dat de kunstenaar centraal staat en de meeste winst krijgt. Een verzekering voor de kunstwerken is op eigen initiatief van de kunstenaar. Dit omdat de kunstwerken in bruikleen worden meegegeven en geen eigendom van Bubble Art Projects worden. De werken zijn niet via Bubble Art Projects of Hilton verzekerd.

Mochten er nog vragen zijn dan vernemen we het graag.
Beperkt aantal plaatsen beschikbaar.
Overleg over formaten van kunstwerk ivm de beschikbare ruimte.

Aanmelden via email: info @

Ria Wiendels

Ria Wiendels

Ria Wiendels 1948


Initially making drawings and watercolours, I continued working in acrylics and combining various techniques. In the beginning I mainly painted figuratively, but now I have moved on to abstract, choosing the colours on the base of the mood of the moment.


During my 35-year experience as a painter I have been able to develop my own style. I take my inspiration from everyday life, a city skyline, a row of trees in the sun. Abstract will never be tedious to me: I am enormously attracted to it and challenges me to try out new forms and techniques.


I keep doing courses to further my art development, visit artists to develop my techniques.


“An ultimate challenge for me is to encourage the viewer/art lover to give his/her own opinion and meaning to my paintings”. My work relates of a “story-with-emotion” allowing the viewer to individually discover, feel and interpret the work.

Bert Diks

Bert Diks

Contemporary naive realism
After many paintingroads as, landscape, portrait, and abstract, I paint for quite some time the topic “” Crazy “bottles”.
I paint the simplicity in line in any bottle, that’s exactly what’s in combination with the other bottles, the whole of a particular overall picture. My whole compiled own color palette I adjust to playfully. The still lifes, get a unique face. No eggs on a dish, strawberries in backlight or old pots and pans.
I tries on inimitably if possible loosen me painting, by a perfectly private road.
By an application of the stylization of Morandi in consultation with the naive view of Henri Rousseau, make that my “crazy” bottles “” have a place found within the Dutch naive realism.
A restrained use of colour, a firm and sensitive lines and a refined light,


Ermien Koster

Ermien Koster
Ermien usually makes conceptual acrylic paintings as well as
objects. Through her themes she wants to discuss women from
different cultures and different times. Her inspiration derives
from women’s history, but also from her own past and from
news articles relating women in the present.
To make her theme clear, Ermien works in an almost illustrative
style. She uses both old and new materials for her objects.
Ermien has followed an education in creativity and followed
lessons from an artist.
On her website you will find many of her

Ineke Tijsseling

Ineke Tijsseling


Her paintings are made of acrylic paint and a lot of layers.

She paints with her hands and uses paper to get a lovely texture.

Inspiration is everywhere around, like nature; magazines; colors; lines-forms etc.

Her paintings are from several dimensions and the colors she likes to use are white, black & brown.

But also pink…mostly in summertime!

She never uses titles. Ineke loves it when the viewer uses his imagination. ”Look and see what you want to see”, is the only thing she wants to say about her art!

Much of her work can be observed in different ways.

For instance, daylight can affect the look and feel of the work.

Elizabeth Mink

The starting point for her paintings is a moment of inspiration associated with a certain place, followed by a journey of exploration to find the tools to translate this to the flat surface of the canvas. Her goal is a harmonious, colourful, and vivid composition, in which people can wander and set aside their own reality.


Her work is in private collections in Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Argentina.



Paint artist : Abstract paints made with acrylic  and materials

Céline STEFFGENN is French and lives close to Paris in France.
Initially introduced to the art world by sculpting and other various techniques, she was found herself most attracted to acrylic paint.
She decided to explore this technique by including materials such as : mortar, sand, resin… which allowed her to associate the sight and the sense of touch, and thus create works from her inspiration such as pieces that capture light.

Hilda Hendriksen

Hilda Hendriksen

I was born and raised in Boskoop, an inportant nurserey area, in South Holland, where is my love for nature.
Nature has always been my inspiration, there is so much strength and beauty, flowers, trees, water, landscape . etc.
I started at a time with painting, independently,
within a year I had my first exhibition in Arborethum Trompenburg, Rotterdam.
There quickly followed more exhibitions:
Ahoy Rotterdam, Art and Living,
the cigar factory, gallery in Delft,
Gallery Expresso, Delft
Gallery Panorama Tulipland, Voorhout, South Holland, (for hours)
Nieuwspoort Press Centre (exebition)
Lbrary Hague Centre,
Artcentrum Kadmium, Delft, two times a year,
Art squere Keukenhof in Lisse each year. known for 5 days (world,
on Hodenpijl, exhibition, Schipluiden (South Holland)
Art in Ootmarsum each year exhibition / Art Fair,
The Notionale Artdays, Ahoy Rotterdam,
opened each year Workshop / Studo, Delft. (my recidence)
and many other Arte vents. my paintings are sold in many countries to individuals, such as England, USA, France, Japan, Sweden etc. I would rather paint outside, but my larges canvases so hard. I make study of plants, flowers, landscapes and animals. and often I paint min or more intuitive. and it’s great to paint on the music of Bach, the Chello sonatus or Vivaldi’s Chello Concerts.


Ineke Duyndam

Ineke Duyndam

Ineke Duyndam is a clear self-taught. After attending her first drawing lessons she felt that there were more opportunities for her in the paint. She also has several lessons followed in as many different disciplines. Was she at the beginning still active in figurative work, Ineke going away was her searching for her own style. Her passion for clothes and entertaining and all kinds of fabrics, her education at the secondary school with among others the subjects of art history and textile art as well as her work as a fashion consultant, helped her with it. After attending a course “painting with emotion” everything came together.

On her paintings Ineke sticking various natural materials into a composition. Then she chooses the colors, put spiritual music (hard) and is loose. Always surprising that water and clouds often be found in her work. Actually not strange again when you know that she was born and raised surface on the ocean and its constellation Pisces.

Whether on canvas or wood scaffold, the result of her inner explosion is always surprising. Every light, every part of the day, giving new dimension and color to her work. Ineke’s abstract shapes and colors is unique. Fans and viewers see their own images and feelings in the painting works.

Her works now hang in lovers in several European countries, but even in New York (USA).


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