Ria Wiendels

Ria Wiendels

Ria Wiendels 1948


Initially making drawings and watercolours, I continued working in acrylics and combining various techniques. In the beginning I mainly painted figuratively, but now I have moved on to abstract, choosing the colours on the base of the mood of the moment.


During my 35-year experience as a painter I have been able to develop my own style. I take my inspiration from everyday life, a city skyline, a row of trees in the sun. Abstract will never be tedious to me: I am enormously attracted to it and challenges me to try out new forms and techniques.


I keep doing courses to further my art development, visit artists to develop my techniques.


“An ultimate challenge for me is to encourage the viewer/art lover to give his/her own opinion and meaning to my paintings”. My work relates of a “story-with-emotion” allowing the viewer to individually discover, feel and interpret the work.