Elly Maessen

You may describe the majority of my paintings as figurative-abstract. Abstract, because that fascinates me most of all. But never you see only paint surfaces, I need configuration as well to show “something”. The closer you look at a subject, for example a flower, the more abstract it gets. I aspire to make small, simple and common things special by way of blowing up them.

Contrasting compositions in dynamic colour-combinations are the result of it, whereas I use gel, sand, textile, tinfoil, structure-paste, tissue-paper, photos and other collage materials, partly covered in the background, partly prominent presented in the foreground.

The nature is my greatest source of inspiration. But also during my journeys and contacts with strange cultures my creativity is getting stimulated. Traditional subjects and symbols from the mythology are breeding-grounds for my inspiration. Sketches and self-made photos are the starting-points to making a painting. Besides I nowadays use digital tools as well to make a design. During the painting process, mostly with acrylic paint, spontaneous brain waves appear always.

Painting is my greatest passion, but also photography, especially macro-photography, fascinates me increasingly. Macro-photos made of tiny subjects, for example drops of water, printed on a big size “dibond” (aluminium), are magnificent eye-catchers.

I exhibited regularly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal and many of my works are to be found  in private collections in Holland, Germany and Portugal.