Welcome to the world of Bubble Art Projects

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Welcome to the world of Bubble Art Projects

We represent international artists, provide service for art lovers in purchasing art and provide international exhibitions and art projects, based on a strong and challenging vision. On our website you will find all the information about our current exhibitions and art projects.

We both give artists the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work via us, as well as we giving art lovers the opportunity to get in contact with these artists.

Art projects

The motto of Bubble Art Projects: Art should be able to pop up everywhere. We are constantly on the move. You can find an overview of our current projects at our ‘News’ section and ‘Exhibition. Our previous art projects can be found via ‘About’,

International art exhibitions

We have already represented over 400 artists on different locations in Europe, Istanbul and Beijing. We offer professional services to give their career an international boost. We link our artists to an international art network and market. Click here for an overview of our current international art exhibitions.

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Are you interested in buying on of the artworks that are currently exhibited in Europe, Istanbul and Beijing? Go to our contact page.

The world’s largest art network

We provide exhibition in more than fifteen international locations. Use the navigation menu on the right to see our current exhibitions.

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Contact us via our contact page. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

Let’s art together!


Visual overview of our international art exhibitions

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