Aart de Lange Pzn

The Dutch painter Aart de Lange Pzn, born in Rhoon (the Netherlands), has a special place in the world of art with his meaningful symbolism.

With his ‘readable paintings’, AART is well aware of the fact that nothing goes without saying. His symbolism reaches out to human emotions, but also displays some typical Dutch imagery. You may see, for instance, a bollard or church, as a beacon of faith. His ladder of life indicates that every person is on the way to his or her future. Raising the flag to celebrate a joyous occasion or being interrupted by unexpected (sad) events, the ‘broken rung’.

He seeks the visible silence, allowing us to wonder about everyday matters. AART is internationally renowned for his innovative style and his use of colour. With his philosophical world view, the artist wants to draw attention to peace and something to HOLD on to for every person in the world.