Londen Park Lane, England

Bubble Projects_London Park Lane

Bubble Projects provides art exhibitions in Hilton Park Lan, London.

Website Hilton London Park Lane.

The following artists are currently exhibiting their artworks at this location:


Marleen Modderkolk

Sculpting and painting, commissioned and free work. My paintings are colorful and painted with acrylic. Tulips, animals and portraits are my favorite subjects. A lot of my paintings have a fairytale atmosphere My sculptures are usually organic in shape and

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Sylvie Overheul

“It is exactly what it is”, could be one’s first impression with the work of Sylvie Overheul (1968). But if you take a closer look, you will find an added magical dimension in her drawings and paintings, a sparkle of

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Rikke Bhathena

  Most of my work is oil paintings on mixed media and is based on exploration of the representation of an image through painting. The process commences with a selection of a poignant photo. The visual presentation is influenced by

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