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Stockholm, Sweden

Bubble Projects_Stockholm

Bubble Art Projects provides art exhibitions at Hilton Stockholm Slussen, Sweden.

Website Hilton Stockholm Slussen

The following artists are currently exhibiting their artworks at this location:

– Marie-Lou Gerets
– Céline Steffgenn


Belinda Dokter

Born in the Netherlands, Belinda Dokter has lived and worked in Alstatte (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany since 2008. A sculptor of growing reputation, Belinda specialises in figurative sculpture in clay. Her need to sculpture comes from within. She loves to create typical human sculptures, in somewhat bizarre proportions. Her love for music, the human form and, above …

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Annica Delfos

Annica Delfos is Swedish and lives in the Netherlands. She has two studio’s one not far from Amsterdam and one in the Swedish forest. The light and the atmosphere inspires her.The paintings are like fragments from stories, where there still is space for desire,curiosity and doubt.

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Jolanda van Hattum

Jolanda van Hattum. Swinging Colors. Jolanda paints, draws and makes sculptures out of stone. Characteristics is her specific use of colors, composition and movement. She also tends to use a wide variety of techniques. Her art varies from portraits to intuitive abstract paintings, sculptures. “The paintings and sculptures I make are about life, progress, letting …

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Connie Harkema

Connie Harkema (1960) a Dutch painter and writer, who lives and works mostly in the north of the Netherlands   Her painting style is modern, colorful and narrative, with cities as main topic. The feeling lies not only in the subject, but also in the composition, the rhythm, the lines and the use of color. …

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Anitta Jonas

Anitta Jonas unfolds a rich and varied artistic spectrum. Using an assortment of techniques she imbues each painting with her own, unique expression: from the wild energy of large, sweeping strokes to the delicate intensity of the almost watercolour-like landscapes and beyond, to dark, brooding and unsettling themes. Painting has taken up progressively more of …

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