Ermien Koster

Ermien Koster
Ermien usually makes conceptual acrylic paintings as well as
objects. Through her themes she wants to discuss women from
different cultures and different times. Her inspiration derives
from women’s history, but also from her own past and from
news articles relating women in the present.
To make her theme clear, Ermien works in an almost illustrative
style. She uses both old and new materials for her objects.
Ermien has followed an education in creativity and followed
lessons from an artist.
On her website you will find many of her

Elizabeth Mink

The starting point for her paintings is a moment of inspiration associated with a certain place, followed by a journey of exploration to find the tools to translate this to the flat surface of the canvas. Her goal is a harmonious, colourful, and vivid composition, in which people can wander and set aside their own reality.


Her work is in private collections in Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Argentina.



Paint artist : Abstract paints made with acrylic  and materials

Céline STEFFGENN is French and lives close to Paris in France.
Initially introduced to the art world by sculpting and other various techniques, she was found herself most attracted to acrylic paint.
She decided to explore this technique by including materials such as : mortar, sand, resin… which allowed her to associate the sight and the sense of touch, and thus create works from her inspiration such as pieces that capture light.

Hilda Hendriksen

Hilda Hendriksen

I was born and raised in Boskoop, an inportant nurserey area, in South Holland, where is my love for nature.
Nature has always been my inspiration, there is so much strength and beauty, flowers, trees, water, landscape . etc.
I started at a time with painting, independently,
within a year I had my first exhibition in Arborethum Trompenburg, Rotterdam.
There quickly followed more exhibitions:
Ahoy Rotterdam, Art and Living,
the cigar factory, gallery in Delft,
Gallery Expresso, Delft
Gallery Panorama Tulipland, Voorhout, South Holland, (for hours)
Nieuwspoort Press Centre (exebition)
Lbrary Hague Centre,
Artcentrum Kadmium, Delft, two times a year,
Art squere Keukenhof in Lisse each year. known for 5 days (world,
on Hodenpijl, exhibition, Schipluiden (South Holland)
Art in Ootmarsum each year exhibition / Art Fair,
The Notionale Artdays, Ahoy Rotterdam,
opened each year Workshop / Studo, Delft. (my recidence)
and many other Arte vents. my paintings are sold in many countries to individuals, such as England, USA, France, Japan, Sweden etc. I would rather paint outside, but my larges canvases so hard. I make study of plants, flowers, landscapes and animals. and often I paint min or more intuitive. and it’s great to paint on the music of Bach, the Chello sonatus or Vivaldi’s Chello Concerts.


Marleen Modderkolk

Marleen Modderkolk

Sculpting and painting, commissioned and free work.
My paintings are colorful and painted with acrylic. Tulips, animals and portraits are my favorite subjects. A lot of my paintings have a fairytale atmosphere
My sculptures are usually organic in shape and mainly in the hard(er) stones.
Instagram: marleenmodderkolk_art


Belinda Dokter

Belinda Dokter

Born in the Netherlands, Belinda Dokter has lived and worked in Alstatte (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany since 2008. A sculptor of growing reputation, Belinda specialises in figurative sculpture in clay. Her need to sculpture comes from within. She loves to create typical human sculptures, in somewhat bizarre proportions. Her love for music, the human form and, above all, humour are communicated in her sculptures. With her positive character, she eagerly pursues new challenges to provoke and entertain.

Belinda’s work and name are wellknown in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden,Miami (USA)  and Germany.  But are still rising.


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Frits Droog

Frits Droog ( The Hague , 1949 )

Free Academy , The Hague , teaching Silkscreen printing till 1989.

Silkscreenprintings , acrylic paintings and collages and a mix of all different styles.

Working with paper material from ’50 and ’60 magazins.

Yun Xie

Yun Xie is a Chinese artist who is now living in the Netherlands. From her motherland she brought her love for Chinese culture and art. In the Netherlands she developed a love for making sculptures and paintings. These sculptures and paintings portray her memories from China, but they are expressed in her own unique style. Her art focuses on human figures with great attention for detail and are developed from her heart. In this sense she still feels the obligation to act in the western world as an ambassador for the (old) Chinese culture.

Amsterdam International Art fair 2015阿姆斯特丹国际艺术博览会

Rotterdam Ahoy Nationale Kunsdagen 2015 鹿特丹荷兰国家美术日

Art Square Amsterdam 2015阿姆斯特丹梵高艺术广场

Museum Louvre Paris ARTSHOPPING LOUVRE PARIS 2014法国卢浮宫

International Art Fair Rotterdam 2014鹿特丹国际展

Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam 2013荷兰年度艺术博览会

Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam 2014荷兰年度艺术博览会

Art and Castle2013欧洲古堡艺术博览会


Babette Treumann

Babette Treumann (Amsterdam, 1950) combines her art of painting with textile experience. What makes this work unique in the arts landscape is the use of the advanced digital technology she uses. Zooming in on a detailed picture of a painting, the colour and structure emerge.  Thanks to the advanced computerized weaving techniques, this detailed image can be developed into a jacquard.

Babette is particularly intrigued by the relation to architecture – both design disciplines build upon constructive systems –  and her work is convincing, as is also reflected in the numerous commissions she received (Art & Business) (since 1950).

Ever since Babette Treumann started making her textile paintings a lighter palette, a looser composition and structures are slowly replacing the abstract geometric, architectural order with spatial effects that was initially dominant in her work.

Babette Treumann goes her own way, choosing unusual combinations and techniques, which lead her to unforeseen results: a form of serendipity.

Paulo Ferreira

Paulo Ferreira was born June  1963 in the city if Fortaleza, state of Ceará  – one of the most beautiful coastlines of northeast Brasil.

Educated in a military environment from early age, he had the opportunity to travel throughout his home land.

Unconsciously he created a massive appetite for different habits, customs and cultures and as teenager he realised how privileged and grateful he was to be able to experience so much.

From childhood to adult life he did the usual things: go to school; finish university – but doing so only to please his family.

When he was 23 he decided to make sense of his life and his place in the world. This would be the most difficult decision he would make in his life.  Again all odds he started to travel all over South America, visiting Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay. Survival was a priority. To maintain himself on a daily basis he started to produce arts and crafts. And he started to paint. This is when the magic started. He saw how amazing mother nature is and how much she has to offer in terms of beauty, color and texture. He felt he was on a mission, and he had to share his vision with everyone.

He took a plane and flew to Europe; London.

He arrived in London without being able to speak English – a difficult but rewarding experience. For the first time in his life he felt disabled. He felt the necessity to communicate, but he wasn’t able to. Again drawings and paintings became his means of communication and survival. He had the opportunity to meet the most amazing human being: his best friend ever: Janet. Again, his life took another magnificent turn.

Traveling around Europe, meeting people, absorbing beauty, color, cultures, enhancing his appetite even more. After twelve years, living in London, almost by accident, he discovered The Netherlands . He decided, quite instantaneously, to move there. Place where he also met his partner for life.

 I would like to say thanks to everyone which in one way or another helped me to be where I am today!!!”


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