Mette Siedentopf

Mette Siedentopf (1971)
Artist of the year; Denmark 2008

· Teacher from School of Art and Crafts.
· Art project – drawing and painting
· School of Art and Music
· Trained painter at Royal Copenhagen.

Back as long as I remember, I had this dream of being able to make painting my way of living and through galleries, which I have been a part of the last 7 years, I manage to build up a client base and now actually see my self as a painter. The way of expressing my self has over the year?s changes forms, collars and style, from the very delicate watercolours studies over the abstract further on to landscape and portrait paintings. About 10 years ago I found a place, were I felt secure and at home, a place were the source of new work never will be emptied, hundreds of stories just waiting to be told and I feel that I can choose freely.
I hope my paintings contribute to spread happiness and laughter among the viewers. My hope is that they dare to enter the ‘no access’ sign and find all the things that are hidden underneath the thick layers of paint, thoughts and feelings.
I try to capture moments from everyday life. With my brushes, pens and sprays I retell everyday stories, both funny and crazy, jet also serious and peculiar ones. My characters are silly, funny and ugly. Many observers would probably call them naive and childlike, but I always enjoyed the way children are trying to reproduce the human body and that is the reason why, I try to place as little bit of that into my work.
In the universe of my pictures everything is allowed and a figure or character may very well have 3 fingers, long crooked legs, a head that is far too large and a big green nose.
The colours I choose have a significant impact on the paintings; I explore the world of colours and go hunting for the perfect shade. I like the humorous expression and fell a relief when I hear someone laugh and recognize the situations in my paintings.

I am a steadily artist at the Gallery X and Gallery ArtCompaz where it is possible to see my work in the beautiful surroundings of the galleries.