Minerva Bianca

‘With my first name meaning ‘Goddess of Art’, I was meant to be to become an artist’, says Minerva Bianca. This young artist has been noticed in the international art world because of her unique use of shapes, colors, lights and shadows. Her paintings transmit strong and real emotions. She thanks her expressive style to her South-American background and her many travels where she had the chance to discover other cultures. Often, she paints people she has met during these travels, but, also finds inspiration through her family and friends. Minerva Bianca has self-taught herself to draw and paint. As a child, while living in South America, she was very impressed by the colors around her. Often you would find her sitting in a corner of her room with the color pencils as she discovered on paper how colors react and play with each other. According to her, it was here, where she created her love and passion for art.

After High School in the Netherlands, everyone expected Minerva to go an art school, but she surprised everyone by studying history at the University of Amsterdam. After completion on her studies, she decided to listen to her heart by finally starting to focus on the creativity within her. Minerva Bianca, who lives in Amsterdam, is not only a successful artist, but also a fashion-stylist as well an illustrator. As a fashion-stylist she makes her own accessories and accessory boxes.