Nelie Meininger

Nelie Meininger creates realistic Fresco’s and paintings in oil and acrylic. She studied at the Ontario College of Arts in Toronto ( Canada) during the period of 1966-1971. Besides that she was taught by the Canadian Artists Tom Hodgins, Walter Ruston and Jerry Sandbergen.

In the Netherlands she studied from 1973- 1974 at the Rotterdam Academy for Visual Arts to expand her expertise.

Since these days she has alternatively exhibited both in Canada and in the Netherlands.

Her exhibitions have always had a theme. She has worked in the recent past on series of “Trompe L’oeil” “Fresco ‘s  “Tuscan Landscapes” and ‘’Power Ladies ’’

A “Trompe L’oeil” is a deceptive realistically painted object, that it almost looks real.

Frescoes are paintings, made in wet chalk. It concerns an old Greek/Italian painting technique, which Nelie like very few others has made her own . The Frescoes are painted on canvas with a special technic, as well as  walls and ceilings. Several  restaurants, private villas, and several  castles have been adorned by her.

Besides her own painting, she also teaches a variety of other painting techniques.

For more information: Please contact Nelie Meininger at +31(0)10435 36 60 /  +31 (0)6 382 782 74