Spring exhibits in Hilton Malmö.



Spring exhibits in Hilton Malmö.


Daniel van der Dussen, Marten Alkema, Margo Smeets and Rob van Hemert.

Until April 6th 2012


Start spring 2012 with vibrant paintings of four talented artists from The Netherlands. The exhibition takes place at Hilton Malmö, a unique location in the centre of town. Bubble Projects welcomes everyone to visit the show and get inspired. The entrance is free and the paintings are for sale. A good opportunity to bring spring into your home!


Daniel van der Dussen

Daniel van der Dussen (1967 -)

For Daniel, the painting of cloudy skies a celebration of the beautiful world we live in.

His way of expressing the beauty of heaven is his motivation.

Every moment of the day has its own beauty, which luminescence can be recorded.



Marten Alkema

Expression with color. That is the thought behind the art of Marten Alkema, living and working in the north of Holland. He calls his paintings Mazl Art, a reference to his love of music from eastern Europe. Harlingen is the city at the seaside in which the painter, born in 1960,  gets his inspiration for his paintings. He is fascinated by the Cobra group and is inspired by a number of contemporary expressionist artists. Music and art for him are always linked. For Marten it has become a rhythm to paint listening to the sounds of eastern European music. Marten is an expressive painter working from his emotion. Typical for his paintings are strong colors. He always starts without pre set plans. His work originates on the canvas. The lines which form the compositions are often unpredictable. The way he works shows the value he sets on free expression. This requires concentration and letting go of pre set thoughts and ideas. The paintings by Marten have a contemporary style, with balance between abstract expressionism and Cobra. He always accepts the challenge, sometimes strong then again subtle, to create a solitary world with color.



Margo Smeets

In her paintings Margo Smeets depicts life, in which connection, transformation and reflection are crucial. With her colourful abstract figurative style, she takes you on a journey through universal themes such as the elements, labyrinths, myths and seasons. By playing with different techniques, she creates variations on a theme and shows, both in technique and in subject matter, tantalizing layers. Margo Smeets was born in Heerlen in 1954. She studied art in Maastricht and Driebergen, Netherlands. She takes part in national and international art exhibitions.



Rob van Hemert

Dutch artist Rob van Hemert (born 1949) paints since he was 14 years old. Back then in the basement of the house of his parents. It was ‘the’ place where he could withdraw himself from a very complex family life. He studied at the Free Academy and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and then architecture at the Polytechnic Institute in The Hague. The consequences of his youth show clearly throughout his work. He painted at first with big strokes, then gradually, he began to feel a strong affinity to the obsessive minimalism of a Mondrian and a Jan Schoonhoven. That gave structure to his mind. Although he also paints figurative, he realizes constantly that figures and faces capture melancholic memories. The abstract geometric shapes bring the same but less painful eloquence to express his thoughts and experiences.