Yun Xie

Yun Xie is a Chinese artist who is now living in the Netherlands. From her motherland she brought her love for Chinese culture and art. In the Netherlands she developed a love for making sculptures and paintings. These sculptures and paintings portray her memories from China, but they are expressed in her own unique style. Her art focuses on human figures with great attention for detail and are developed from her heart. In this sense she still feels the obligation to act in the western world as an ambassador for the (old) Chinese culture.

Amsterdam International Art fair 2015阿姆斯特丹国际艺术博览会 www.amsterdamartfair.com

Rotterdam Ahoy Nationale Kunsdagen 2015 鹿特丹荷兰国家美术日www.kunstdagen.nl

Art Square Amsterdam 2015阿姆斯特丹梵高艺术广场 http://artsquare-amsterdam.nl

Museum Louvre Paris ARTSHOPPING LOUVRE PARIS 2014法国卢浮宫


International Art Fair Rotterdam 2014鹿特丹国际展 http://www.artfairrotterdam.com

Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam 2013荷兰年度艺术博览会http://www.adaf.nl

Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam 2014荷兰年度艺术博览会http://www.adaf.nl

Art and Castle2013欧洲古堡艺术博览会http://www.kunstenkastelen.eu