Lia van Leeuwen

I live in Rotterdam and have a studio at home.

A studio at home is important for me because that way I can take a look at my work at any time I want.

By  looking at my painting is finishing the painting.

Making a painting is like going on a journey.

I go with the flow, inspired by the colors, the lines, forms, rhythms,

Sense of freedom, enthusiasm, involvement, movements.

Something must happen in a perpetual motion.

I am also searching for silence and space.

One time I want openness and transparency movement

Subsequently I want more density, stratification there must be more to be done.

Is created from one another.

It is a constant search for what s right  at that moment.

It is a never ending story and I am always curious about the next step.


collectie 2015nr 6 collectie 2015 nr 8 IMG_0690 IMG_0688