Rikke Bhathena


Most of my work is oil paintings on mixed media and is based on exploration of the
representation of an image through painting. The process commences with a selection
of a poignant photo.
The visual presentation is influenced by a conscious knowledge of the effect of the
ever changing moment, which forms fragments of memory and imagination. This
means that the images are usually the starting point, which evolve through an
interaction with a background that creates layers, this creates new pictures and
meanings between the two.
The Underwater painting subject has occupied me for nearly 2 years. The starting
point is from personal photos.
Patterns and reflections on and of the figurative personal image which is part of the
captured underwater world is the subject.
I apply layers of paint and textures with stencils, acrylics and spray paints. Then I
work with the image in an interaction with the applied patterns and paints mainly in
oil paint. This method is something I have experimented with and enjoyed since I
completed my MA in Art in England but with the underwater subject it is more
poignant than ever.
I am an experienced artist and teacher who actively exhibits. My specialisation is Fine
Art and Design.
Completed a Master of Arts in Art, Design and Media in Portsmouth in 2002 and a
Diploma in Interior Design in 2004.
Moved to England in 1999 and lived there until moving back to Denmark at the start
of 2012.
Did my teaching degree in Denmark with Art and English as my main subjects.
Other Exhibitions, Facts and News
– November and December 2014. Exhibition at the Company Cuneo in Helsingør. DK.
-12.-14. of September. 2014. ‘Mennesker mødes’ (people meet) Art exhibition.
Skævinge kunstforening. DK
– 30. of August- 7. of September. Exhibition with Kunstrunden.dk.
– Worked as an Arts and Design Teacher at Gilleleje School from August 2013- August
2014. Part-time
– July and August-. 2014. Lille Odinshøj, Ålsgårde. Art exhibition.
– 17.- 22. 0f June. 2014. X-Porten. Hundested. Group Art exhibition.
-7. of June. 2014. Art Auction in Gilleleje.
-21.- 23. of March. 2014. Hillerød Kunstmesse(Art Conference) . Yearly Joint Art
exhibition in North Sjælland.
-Since October 2013, been a member and exhibiting Artist with Helsinhør Art
– 2013 and 2014. September Exhibition with kunstrunden.dk.
– 12. of July – 2. of August 2013. Exhibition at the Gallery Artbyholmberg.
-Been renovating and designing our house for a year, which was featured in a photo
shoot in the Christmas edition 2013 of 2 magazines; The English monthly magazine
’25 beautiful homes’ and the Danish weekly magazine ‘Sunday’.
Have taken part in several exhibitions and had recommended prize in censured
exhibitions in England.