Janneke Rottier

Janneke Rottier lives and works in Zeeland.
Her paintings feature near empty landscapes, unimportant and uneventful at first glance. Sometimes mysterious, strange and inaccessible.
Janneke gets inspired by space, the broadness, a time of repetition in close connection with the cosmic rhythm of the seasons.
Being in communication and getting familiar with, a cautious approach of the landscape.
Nature in the inevitable process of reconstruction and morphing of shapes.
The empty spaces are pivotal in her thematic use of images.
Janneke uses sand and other materials in combination with oil and acrylic paint to give her work more texture.
The layered areas and the range of coloring in the patterns acquire individual values and thereby show their mortal, tangible nature.
Images that merely remain on the linen as traces of a memory of reality.
Light, air and space evoking a fascination, leading to compositions showing a silent inexpressibility and melancholy.
It seems like time has been stopped, a frozen moment in a mysterious, unknown journey.