The New Rembrandt

Bubble Projects’ art competition:


Do you live for art with whole your heart en do you think your work has the potential to be exhibited next to Hollands greatest artist Rembrandt van Rijn? Then enter Bubble Projects’ art competition: I am the New Rembrandt!

Today we are being bombed with an incredible amount of talent shows, mostly on televison. A lot of art disciplines like dance and music are well represented but there is a very important one missing. An art form that brought Holland to the next level in the international art world: the art of painting! This is where Bubble Projects steps in because we think this can’t be neglected.

How and what?

In a six-week hunt for ‘The New Rembrandt’ artists can prove themselfs to be THE new painting talent. A live recording of a painting proces takes up too much time and therefore isn’t the most useful medium to show artistic talent in action, but an online rally is much more suitable! Through short video’s on youtube where artists present themself and their work it should become clear who deserves to be called ‘The New Rembrandt’. This will of course be judged by a professional jury with specialists from the art world.


It’s not only this special title that you can win, your work will also be exhibited in a museum where Rembrandt is strongly represented and to make it even more amazing! Apart from this, Bubble Projects will also coach the winner for a year through several international exhibitions, for free. This way your career gets an enormous boost!

If you want to join this competition please sign up here: iamthenewrembrandt @
After your application you will receive an email with all the details and conditions.