Marleen Modderkolk

Marleen Modderkolk

Sculpting and painting, commissioned and free work.
My paintings are colorful and painted with acrylic. Tulips, animals and portraits are my favorite subjects. A lot of my paintings have a fairytale atmosphere
My sculptures are usually organic in shape and mainly in the hard(er) stones.
Instagram: marleenmodderkolk_art


Mira Peters

Mira Peters
My inspiration for a series of standmeisjes was in South France. I have made drawings on my I Pad and from these drawings i made a whole series of compositions of Beach girls.
They are cheerful and colourful and also fit very well in my own environment because I live near the beach of Zeeland in the Netherlands.
20161025_150139_resized antibes-4

Thea Vos

Thea Vos

Compositions of mental and emotional landscapes. Our life is characterized by a wealth of incriminating emotional moments, to create my own world to handle the chaos I search through form, image and color to a manageable experience. Searching for balance, paste, paint over, until enough harmony is present on the canvas to tame the chaos somewhat.I use existing symbols and create new products and new markets as a symbolic forms I value.


vos-1-de-witte-caravan-80x100 vos-2onder-de-kandelaar-80x120 vos-3-de-kus-120x100 watch-the-dog-100x80

Belinda Dokter

Belinda Dokter

Born in the Netherlands, Belinda Dokter has lived and worked in Alstatte (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany since 2008. A sculptor of growing reputation, Belinda specialises in figurative sculpture in clay. Her need to sculpture comes from within. She loves to create typical human sculptures, in somewhat bizarre proportions. Her love for music, the human form and, above all, humour are communicated in her sculptures. With her positive character, she eagerly pursues new challenges to provoke and entertain.

Belinda’s work and name are wellknown in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden,Miami (USA)  and Germany.  But are still rising.


20160913_121451 20160913_113241 20160912_165330 20160729_005211

Hans Burghouts

Hans Burghouts

Hans Burghouts, born in Edam (1962) lives for about 25 years in Westzaan.
In his childhood he was quite creative and could draw extremely well and although he did
get some instructions from Johan van Essen and Hubertus van Lith (two welknown Edam artists),
he managed all of his skills on his own.

Is making his inspiring paintings outdoors, or at his studio with help of some photographs, or pictures, which he
than mixes together into an beautifull composition. Ofcourse he can make all sorts of paintings in all sorts of sizes
and materials.

For further information or any questions about the virtually endless possibilities don’t hesitate to call on
Paintingstudio Hans B  –  0031 6218 299 08  –    facebook: schilderatelier-hans-b


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Dido de Beer

Dido de Beer
Dido graduated in graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Den Bosch. She has more than 30 years experience as a graphic and interior designer at her own company DidoDesign. Passionate about painting portraits for over 20 years. She made lots of commission portraits and since a few years portraits of her favourite pop-icons and moviestars. Big size canvasses in acrylic, always with a clear graphic influence and an eye for detail. This gave her the opportunity to exhibit. 
The possitive reactions give an impuls to exhibit more and more. Since 2016 she also exhibits in other european countries.
amy_300dpi fullsizerender-kopie img_97243 img_9759

Irene Kurpershoek

Irene Kurpershoek

Irene Kurpershoek (1957, the Netherlands): Irene’s oil paintings have been exposed since 2007. She is participating in group exhibitions and similar activities. A complete list of activities can be found under ‘expositie’ on her website

A sharp look, a relativistic view of life and humour are factors  that affect Irene’s artistic works.




Beschrijving werken:


‘Forever young’, 50 bij 40 cm, ©2015, olieverf op linnen, geen lijst

‘Forever young’, 50 bij 40 cm, ©2015, oil painting on linen, no list


‘She’s mine’, 60 bij 70 cm, ©2015, olieverf op linnen, ingelijst

‘She’s mine’, 60 bij 70 cm, ©2015, oil painting on linen, framed


‘On the beach’, 40 bij 50 cm, ©2016, olieverf op linnen, ingelijst

‘On the beach’, 40 bij 50 cm, ©2016, oil painting on linen, framed


‘Out of the box’, 60 bij 80 cm, ©2016, olieverf op linnen, ingelijst

‘Out of the box’, 60 bij 80 cm, ©2016, oil painting on linen, framed


She's mine Out of the box 30-07 On the beach 30-07 Forever young

Els Fleer

Els Fleer

Part of the interview Yvonne Langenberg with Els Fleer for Magazine
Vernissage nr.4  2016

“In her paintings you will recognize the wild and colourful outburst
that nature shows us,

but also the beautiful rolling and friendly scenery that takes your
breath in silence:

you recognize a mixed picture, as nature is.

Especially the combination of different painting techniques makes the
paintings vivid.

Whether violent robust brush stabbings with the right colour application
or subtlety in refined and lively lines

in which a selection of the appropriate colour is used: it is powerful.

Beautiful abstract landscapes,  because these are the paintings which
let us see through her eyes

how  impressive naturere is


Rode bloemen 120-130 gele velden 70-60 Dansend landschap 120-140 _DSC0524

Yun Xie

Yun Xie is a Chinese artist who is now living in the Netherlands. From her motherland she brought her love for Chinese culture and art. In the Netherlands she developed a love for making sculptures and paintings. These sculptures and paintings portray her memories from China, but they are expressed in her own unique style. Her art focuses on human figures with great attention for detail and are developed from her heart. In this sense she still feels the obligation to act in the western world as an ambassador for the (old) Chinese culture.

Amsterdam International Art fair 2015阿姆斯特丹国际艺术博览会

Rotterdam Ahoy Nationale Kunsdagen 2015 鹿特丹荷兰国家美术日

Art Square Amsterdam 2015阿姆斯特丹梵高艺术广场

Museum Louvre Paris ARTSHOPPING LOUVRE PARIS 2014法国卢浮宫

International Art Fair Rotterdam 2014鹿特丹国际展

Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam 2013荷兰年度艺术博览会

Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam 2014荷兰年度艺术博览会

Art and Castle2013欧洲古堡艺术博览会


Babette Treumann

Babette Treumann (Amsterdam, 1950) combines her art of painting with textile experience. What makes this work unique in the arts landscape is the use of the advanced digital technology she uses. Zooming in on a detailed picture of a painting, the colour and structure emerge.  Thanks to the advanced computerized weaving techniques, this detailed image can be developed into a jacquard.

Babette is particularly intrigued by the relation to architecture – both design disciplines build upon constructive systems –  and her work is convincing, as is also reflected in the numerous commissions she received (Art & Business) (since 1950).

Ever since Babette Treumann started making her textile paintings a lighter palette, a looser composition and structures are slowly replacing the abstract geometric, architectural order with spatial effects that was initially dominant in her work.

Babette Treumann goes her own way, choosing unusual combinations and techniques, which lead her to unforeseen results: a form of serendipity.