Colorful expressions from Holland in Hilton Stockholm.


Colorful expressions from Holland in Hilton Stockholm.

Bubble Projects presents Rowin Snijder and Hans Debets, December 1-31, 2011

This winter two outstanding Dutch artists show their work at a stunning location: Hilton Stockholm Slussen hotel. Escape the cold and pay a visit to this colorful exhibition. The entrance is free en these beautiful paintings are also for sale! If you visit Stockholm for leisure or business, this is very good opportunity to take a look and get inspired. But of course everyone is welcome!

Rowin Snijder

Rowin Snijder (1975) is a Dutch artist, living and working in Amsterdam. Next to painting he works as a glass artist, making stained glass windows and light objects. As an artist he is inspired by Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Banksy (amongst others).

Painting is a necessity for Rowin. A mean to give space and expression to his deepest feelings and thoughts. The canvas acts as a mirror to him, during painting and for the spectator, when the painting is ‘finished’. He adds paint to the canvas and draws in it. Then removes it, and watch while the picture forms itself in his mind. The subconscious floats to the surface and talks in symbols, telling a story of light and darkness, of love and separation. Going through emotions and feelings, transforming dark to light, the painting experience becomes a healing one. For the viewer, the painting offers a door, or rather a window inside: to let your own imagination paint the images, recognize symbols and experience the feelings that they will recall.

Hans Debets

Dutch artist Hans Debets is an expressive artist. His paintings are primarily visual images. At a first glance, they point to nothing other than themselves. In this sense they are realistic. What his paintings express lies not in an exterior meaning, but depends on the perception of the viewer. Of importance here is the painting itself and how the viewer experiences it. His work is a rediscovery of fundamental aspects of the art of painting. For this purpose Hans uses various basic tools: tape, rollers, palette knives, broad brushes. The paintings do not arise from a fixed concept. You could say that his work arises from his intuition. The images aim to surprise, intrigue and stimulate. They invite the viewer to look twice, to enrich themselves.

Bubble Projects

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