Dutch photography & Still lifes at Hilton Stockholm


11-10-2011, Utrecht

Dutch photography & Still lifes at Hilton Stockholm
Bubble Projects presents Annemarie Spilker and Cora van Antwerpen, Oct. 8th – Nov. 5th 2011

This month two Dutch artists Annemarie Spilker and Cora van Antwerpen exhibit their work at a unique location: Hilton Stockholm. Entrance is free en these wonderful works are for sale! If you visit Stockholm for leisure or business, this is very good opportunity to take a look. But of course everyone is very welcome!

Annemarie Spilker
Photographer Annemarie Spilker (1980) graduated cum laude from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2003 with an impressive series of self-portraits titled “Searching to fill the emptiness…”. Since then she has been working on the development of her own style, mainly landscapes and self-portraits. Her style is best described as profound self- portraits with an uncomfortable and confronting atmosphere, in which she searches for hidden places of her own feelings. The landscapes show an unprecedented silence and timelessness that appear almost unreal. In 2010 Annemarie became internationally known with a nomination at the prestigious Blank and White Spider Awards. In that same year she won a Silver Award from Artmajeur and in 2011 she won not only a nomination at the Gouden Gerbera awards, but she also received a Bronze Award from Better Photography, 2 honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards and for the second year in a row a Silver Award from Artmajeur. The work of Annemarie is now part of art collections around the world.

Cora van Antwerpen
Artist Cora van Antwerpen feels closely connected to painting, to her it is a necessity of life.
After the Academy she has been exhibiting at home and abroad. Meanwhile she has been developing her own handwriting/brush technique. She believes that as an artist you are a contemplator at first, a contemplator of that what you encounter. Sometimes this concerns news of the world but also items nearby (a book, a movie, certain illumination, a situation, politics, science), a broad spectrum in a way. It matters how you translate notions/perceptions onto canvas. Sometimes it’s pure beauty, sometimes ugliness, or an enlarging of matters. Painting her whole life, she feels the process is often more important than the final product.

Bubble Projects
This special exhibition has been made possible by Bubble Projects. Since 2008 organisor of international exhibitions and projects where contemporary art, artists and art collectors come together in a very unique way.

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