Ann van der Meer

Ann van der Meer studied at the Academy of arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She works out of her soul. Keywords to describe her work are: joy of  life, power of life, vitality and love.  She combines these elements with her very own way of looking and seeing her surroundings. This way she creates paintings in oil or acrylic paint and with mixed media.

The paintings created in project “Dream travels” are initiated in her travels through different countries all over the world. She bundles her impressions and experiences forthcoming from these journeys with the travels from her mind. Each painting in this project is connected with the others. It’s up to the observer to explore in which way he or she senses this connection through the gates of light and energy each painting consists. The intertwining lines of energy and light produce a greater positive energy, one that makes the world better.

You can feel her work as an expression of the energy of a variety of emotions of life itself through a harmony of colours, full of flow and movement, all together with a subtle transparency and sense of three-dimensionality .  All her works create this very own energetic, warm experience.