Annet Wood

About my artwork….

I am a self-trained artist; no art college has crossed my path. I have had private lessons by several (international) artists for techniques.

I did not start artwork until I was 36 years old. Therefore I feel as a young artist.

My very first sculpture was a rhino in bronze; I treasure it though it was in all ways a great failure. From that first sculpture I have grown into an artist who produces her work in many different materials.


The model of the sculpture, the creation of the work carries the spirit

The material gives it an additional value. 

Glass, it gives the vulnerability of mankind, wood gives the possibility of moving and growing, bronze the strength, stone the ancient power, silver the value and paper the transitorily.

In regular, I do make torsos but at periods I do make animals and sometimes an abstract work. The female torso is my best friend. I do make them again, again and again.


My motto:

Never sit down, always explore new ways.