Vivid abstractions and mysterious figures Copenhagen.



Vivid abstractions and mysterious figures Copenhagen.

Elly Kern, Japke Weij and Ans Sluijter.

Until April 4th 2012


This spring Bubble Projects exhibits three exceptional Dutch artists this month in Hilton Copenhagen Airport hotel. No entrance fee and the artworks are for sale. Pay a visit and get inspired by these incredible works!


Elly Kern

The paintings of Dutch artist Elly Kern has a very recognizable style. Her abstract and figurative works show lots of vibrant colors. They are dynamic and powerful. Because of the spontaneous compositions her works are an exciting game between reality and fantasy.  Elly exhibited her work a number of times in The Netherlands but also has had international exhibitions and projects in Madrid, Innsbruck, Bologna and Mechelen. This spring Bubble Projects will show her work at a unique location in Copenhagen.


Japke Weij

Dutch artist Japke Weij has been drawing since she was five years old. Although she has been working as a lawyer since years, she continued to make drawings and sometimes paintings. She also exhibited her work regularly. Japke followed several courses in drawing and in 1978 she joined an artist’s association and she started to develop her own style.
Japke discovered that a pencil gives you a lot of opportunities to display facial expressions, textures and certain atmospheres. She refers to atmospheres from the 1930s. Also Italian black and white films and the work of Dennis Hopper are a big source of inspiration for Japke. Her figures are realistic but also a bit mysterious. The viewer doesn’t know exactly what’s happening between the figures. They are turning their backs at you or cover a part of their faces which makes it difficult to get a grip on the situation.


Ans Sluijter

Artist Ans Sluijter comes from ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Her work acquired a prominent place in the world of visual arts. Characteristic features are the themes, dynamism, passion and emotion, often combined with passionate colors. Human beings are her biggest inspiration, possibly due to her former work as a nurse in the past. During her work she fully relies on her intuition and it balances on the border of figuration and abstraction. She reflects two extremes in her work, the visible and invisible, and the interaction between them. The representation of what she sees and feels is a big source of inspiration for Ans. It is an inner experience which she expresses through her style of painting. It brings her work in an atmosphere of security and tranquillity.




Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel

Ellehammersvej 20, Copenhagen,

Denmark 2770

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