Eric Swart

My name is Eric Swart and I am considered an artist for what I do.
I digitalize façades of many buildings around the world.
In a way, I try to immortalize one of the greatest art kinds that our
world has ever known.

Almost all of the forms of art are made in a small, subtitle way, for
people to show it in and around their living environments.
Even though there are many beautiful photographs of these buildings, I
really wanted to capture every line, every detail, even some not seen
by the human eye, in one picture of the buildings.

Since 1992 I?ve committed myself to this new, unknown art form.
In the year 1992 I started making scaled digital collection of old façades.
Even now, in the modern computer age, people are still surprised to
see these detailed façades.
It?s great to see the reaction of people to my works of art.

This kind of collection is largely unknown in Europe or the rest of the world.
The collection consist of famous Dutch and international buildings.
These digital drawings have been made by transferring each line, from
the original drawing, which are acquired by official authority?s and
photographic material, into the computer.
It takes approximately three to six month to complete one façade.
It is possible that some façades have been changed in some form,
during the past centurys.

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