European Masters

Bubble Projects is a Dutch initiative to promote young artists in Europe by organizing artistic projects. For this project the art academies all over Europe are invited to join the project ‘New European Masters’.

‘New European Masters’ is an art project in cooperation with European art academies, by making an artwork of old masters (like Vincent van Gogh, El Greco or Pablo Picasso) together.

An image of this painting will be cut into small pieces. The art academy selects a student who creates his own artistic impression of the appointed part of the image. Every student is free to put his/her own influences and ideas on the canvas.

After a while the painting needs to be sent back to Bubble Projects. As soon as Bubble Projects collects all artworks, they will be presented together as one painting. With these unique pieces, a painting of an old master will be recreated by young art students of Europe!

The students will join a unique project.
Let’s art together!

no  1 Latvia, Irina Spakova
no  2 Estonia Alina Olav
no. 3 Latvia, Dace Kalpisa
no. 4 Germany, Fatma Dogan
no. 5 Poland, Natalia Hotub
no. 6 Estonia, Ilya Kalinkin
no. 7 Finland, Katja Hannula
no. 8 The Netherlands, on request
no. 9 Slovenia, Jerka Kern
no. 10 Belgium, Daan Geerligs
no. 11 Cyprus, Lara Sophie Benjamin
no. 12 The Netherlands, Erwin Dijkhof
no. 13 Portugal, Jonas Andreas
no. 14 Austria, Lionel Favre
no. 15 The Netherlands, Marchien Bel
no. 16 Finland, Hari Hautumaki
no. 17 Slowakia, Klaudia Kosziba
no. 18 Cyprus, angela Paleo
no. 19 Danmark, Kristina Anderson
no. 20 Czeck Repubic, Iman Kezus
no. 21 Polen, T. Chiuts
no. 22 Spain, Serge Santanio
no. 23 Cyprus, A. Efstallion
no. 24 Great Britain, Tobias
no. 25 Malta, Luca Cauchi
no. 26 Cyprus, Julliette Antoniades
no. 27 Germany, Mette Moeslund Broberg


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