Frédéric Fortanier

Frédéric Fortanier’s early work distinguishes itself by a clear preference for linear painting. Fascinated by color and drawing pencils, Frédéric choose a career as graphic designer before devoting himself entirely to painting.

The early 1980s marked the start of the development of his artistic talents. Since then, he has grown into a resourceful artist who continuously works on the frontier of his technical brilliance. He does not avoid experiments – his work is always surprising and constantly changing.


He gradually expanded his space to explore the essence of his fascination: the grand gesture through which the beauty in life materializes. Great are his floral themes, grand are his sea pieces. But greatness is also in the small things he observes for us, like in his few but striking portraits of human figures.

His paintings can be found in various private collections in The Netherlands, France and Switzerland.


Frédéric has exhibited in the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Aalsmeer, Arnhem, Rotterdam, Breda), but also in France (Paris, Fresselines, Luxeuil Les Bains, Bédarieux). In Belgium (Antwerp), Italy (Florence), Germany (Munich, Hamburg, Mannheim), China (Beijing), England (London), Danmark (Copenhagen)

Tulipes - orange - 100x100 cm - Frédéric FortanierTulipes - rouge - 80x80 cm - Frédéric FortanierTulipes - transparant - 80x80 cm - Frédéric FortanierTulipes - violet - 100x100 cm - Frédéric Fortanier