Hilda Hendriksen

I was born and raised in Boskoop, an inportant nurserey area, in South Holland, where is my love for nature.
Nature has always been my inspiration, there is so much strength and beauty, flowers, trees, water, landscape . etc.
I started at a time with painting, independently,
within a year I had my first exhibition in Arborethum Trompenburg, Rotterdam.
There quickly followed more exhibitions:
Ahoy Rotterdam, Art and Living,
the cigar factory, gallery in Delft,
Gallery Expresso, Delft
Gallery Panorama Tulipland, Voorhout, South Holland, (for hours)
Nieuwspoort Press Centre (exebition)
Lbrary Hague Centre,
Artcentrum Kadmium, Delft, two times a year,
Art squere Keukenhof in Lisse each year. known for 5 days (world,
on Hodenpijl, exhibition, Schipluiden (South Holland)
Art in Ootmarsum each year exhibition / Art Fair,
The Notionale Artdays, Ahoy Rotterdam,
opened each year Workshop / Studo, Delft. (my recidence)
and many other Arte vents. my paintings are sold in many countries to individuals, such as England, USA, France, Japan, Sweden etc. I would rather paint outside, but my larges canvases so hard. I make study of plants, flowers, landscapes and animals. and often I paint min or more intuitive. and it’s great to paint on the music of Bach, the Chello sonatus or Vivaldi’s Chello Concerts.