Ingrid van Polen

Ingrid Poland is an American painter. She has lived the last twenty years in a variety of countries, including Russia, Serbia, Sweden and England.  Since 2004 she has been living and working in the Netherlands .

Before beginning a painting, she thinks about what she wants to convey to the viewer.  She likes to work with a theme that reocccurs in a series of paintings.

Once the theme has been chosen she feels what sort of atmosphere the paintings should radiate .

As she begins to paint the people are strangers, but once she starts her world falls away, and she joins the characters in her painting.  She hears their stories, reads their minds, notices their body language.  Sadness, joy, despair, boredom, irony, anger, empathy … whatever these people have related to her during the painting process.

The end result is often different from the vision she had in the beginning.  The painting is developed by the characters. The main thing she wants to convey are emotions, atmosphere and the space in which all this takes place .

In each painting is something autobiographical.  She always finds recognition in the feelings or circumstances of her characters.  It is difficult to paint what she has not personally experienced herself, not even in a dream.  The subjects of her paintings give insight into Ingrid’s own interests and the things that are important to her . Social interaction is a subject that often recurs in her paintings.