International overview of contemporary art in Hilton Copenhagen!


November 28th 2011

International overview of contemporary art in Hilton Copenhagen!

December 1-31 Bubble Projects presents an unique exhibition of artists Mette Siedentopf (Denmark), Natali Limanenko (Russia) and Elisabeth de Vries (Netherlands) in Hilton Copenhagen. On Thursday December 1st 17:00 the show will be opened by Mayor Pia Allerslev. Entrance is free en these wonderful works are for sale. Enjoy and get inspired!

Mette Siedentopf
Bubble Projects is proud to exhibit works of Danish artist Mette Siedentopf, Artist of the year; Denmark 2008, at Hilton Copenhagen! As long as she remembers she dreamed of being able to dedicate her whole life to her artworks and make a living of it. Over the past years she exhibited regularly and she managed to build up a regular client base. The way she expressed herself in her work has changed drastically over the years. From delicate watercolor studies to abstract to landscapes and portraits. Her goal is to spread happiness and laughter with her paintings. You will see stories from everyday life with silly, funny and ugly characters as the main characters. She feels inspired by the way children try to reproduce the human body. Colors also play a very important role, she explores the world of colors and always hunts for the perfect shade. All together humorous expression can be seen as one of the most important elements of her work. As Mette says: “I feel a relieve when I hear someone laugh and recognize the situations in my paintings.”

Natali Limanenko
Russian artist Natali Limanenko is not only a very talented artist, but also a designer and photographer. In Hilton Copenhagen she presents Fireworks, a series of pictures that the euphoria of mankind shows in all its aspects. The colors indicate the experiences of different emotions in strength and appearance. Any shade and the various forms can recall an experience. Photo works and paintings of Natali are now in private collections in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Tokyo, Moscow, Taganrog and Rostov-on-Don.

Elisabeth de Vries
Dutch artist Elisabeth de Vries grew up in the south of The Netherlands. She studied at the Art Academy of Arendonk in Belgium. Her travel experience is also a very important part of her development as an artist. She feels inspired by different cultures and sceneries all over the world.
Her work can be recognized by its warm nature, characterized by intense use of color and a rich variety of topics, structures and techniques. Energetic as a volcano and always innovative!

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel
Ellehammersvej 20, Copenhagen,
Denmark 2770

Bubble Projects
This special exhibition has been made possible by Bubble Projects. Organizer of international exhibitions and projects where contemporary art, artists and art collectors come together in a very unique way.

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