Jan Peter van Opheusden

Jan Peter van Opheusden is born on March, 12, 1941 in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), where he still lives and works. He studies at the, in the meantime internationally well-known, Design Academy in Eindhoven. He embraces a wide range of disciplines such as painting, sculpture and several graphical technics. His study-tours all over Europe and Asia inspire his creations. His one-man mega exhibition in the Grande Arche , Paris in 1998 gives his work greater appraisal. 2008 in Today Art Museum Beijing and in 2010 in Shanghai .  Meanwhile his work is acquired worldwide by important private collectors. Jan Peter paints, sculpts, does screen printing and paints. Jan Peter is a lightning artist not only with a brush but also with his hands. The canvas is his pallet and acryl his favourite paint, nice and quick as life. He uses mixed media with chalk as basis to obtain the right effect. He paints on canvas, panel or paper, human figures, nature, movements, dancers, theatre or sports and sometimes a child portrait as intensive finger exercise. “I want to transmit feelings. I don’t paint pretty things and I know, by experience, that people acquire my work for this emanated warmth. Therefore painting is my passion.”.