Kees Habraken

Kees Habraken lives and works in Breda, The Netherlands. His oil paintings are realistic and figurative.


The work of Kees Habraken expresses the experience of contact with people.


In his paintings he tries to represent the experience and emotions he had during the actual contact. His oil paintings reflect emotions like suspicion, sadness and romantic feelings.

Central theme in his work is non-verbal communication.

Watching people and the way they express themselves – without words – is important in every contact.


Kees’ inspiration derives from his journeys all over the world and his work as a psychotherapist.

Abroad he experienced that body language is indispensable in contacts. In psychotherapy non-verbal language is essential.

Painting and working as a psychotherapist go, according to Kees , back to the same mechanisms.

“Seeing people, getting in contact with them and creating something new — that requires creativity!”.

The important issues for Kees – traveling and psychotherapy – complement each other.

Painting gives him the opportunity to express these experiences. Kees tries to express the character and emotion(s) of the person depicted. The use of colour is surprising. It provides the work with extra tension and emotion.

Most used technique is  “alla prima”. The work is colourful, challenging and expressive.


Kees Habraken graduated from the art academy  “Academie voor Schone Kunsten “ in Belgium, Arendonk.