Marie Therese Bremmers

Born in the Netherlands, Lobith 1951.
After several jobs I quit my career and became an artist later on in my life.<

Many years later, I still love what I do with heart and soul. Having exhibitions in
the Netherlands and other countries, being presented by galleries, participating in
shows and working in Spain is a nice and exciting part of the job.

But not a thing is easily done and nothing is taken for granted. If wishes came true
and dreams became reality, I hope I will be able to make artwork for ever,
transcending the bustle of every day to make a contribution to the colourful and
“bright side of life”.

Painting and creating is a personal way to express myself in what I meet in life
(the expression of the impression).
Each white sheet or blank canvas is a challenge and it is an adventure to explore
possibilities, to realize a composition with colour and form within this context.
Sometimes I know exactly what I am going to create in advance, sometimes I do
not. The material I am using and ‘the wind that blows through me’ is starting
point. From there the work of art grows and will get its final shape.

I make paintings and objects. The paintings are made on canvas or paper with
several kind of materials like acrylic, oil, watercolours and mixed media’s,
statues are made of aerated concrete blocks. All other objects are painted with

In the past years my work has become known in the Netherlands and other
countries worldwide.