Marty Poorter

International Visual Artist Marty Poorter:

My visual work is my way of speaking. My way of being in the world. My source is desire. Longing for gestures never made before. I work from a non- thoughtful flow of lines and gestures. A game where I surrender to a kind of inner music.

All images are notes of the same music which cannot exist without each other. I am the outsider. The observer  who intuitively registers the things that hit me emotionally. As an artist I try to get a grip on that reality.

The beauty of nature and especially the relationship between humans and animals are to me an endless source of inspiration.

Regular exhibitions at home and abroad. Recent exhibitions include New York, Stockholm, Museum Joure, Natuurmuseum Fryslân and Gallery Hoogenbosch Gorredijk. A permanent exhibition of my own collection in Studio and Gallery Huize Hynsteblom, The Netherlands.