Olympic Art Games

Bubble Projects’ Olympic Art Games

The Olympic Games are finished! Londen was all about the worlds best athletes and was transformed into an enormous cultural spectacle with visitors from around the world.

The year 2012 was extra special because it’s exactly 100 years ago that the first art games were held at the Olympic Games! They took place in 1912 in Stockholm. Initiator and founder of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin, handed out medals to art inspired by sports from the following disciplines: architecture, literature, music, painting and sculpture. Unfortunately, these games were removed from the program in 1954. Instead an Olympic cultural program was being implemented.

Bubble Projects believes art should be seen as a sport as well. Therefore it wants the art games back at the Olympic Games! This is why we organised our own Olympic Art Games in London. In 2012, art was fully part of the Olympic Games again! We provide an unique location where your artworks will be caught in the spotlight, Hilton London on Park Lane the headquarter of the IOC.

We normally organise exhibitions for Hilton in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Dusseldorf. Send an email (info @ bubbleprojects.eu)  for the great conditions.

Winning art works can be seen at London Hilton on Park Lane during the Olympic Games:


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