Petra Tolboom

Etching is my way of storytelling.

The technique of “non toxic etching*  has many qualities.

It is significantly less dangerous to your health and the environment.  These properties give me a tremendous feeling of freedom when I am drawing, preparing the copperplates and finally inking them in.

I start with trying to find the most suitable etching technique to embody the image I have in mind. When underway, surprisingly new possibilities and beautiful coincidences occur . Sometimes an even complete new image arises.

On certain occasions, an etch asks for more and could even take shape as a painting.

For me, etching  feeds my paintings and vice versa.


*non toxic etching;     A  safe, sustainable way of etching, discovered in the 1990’s. A method, in comparison with the traditional way,  which uses significantly less harmful and environmental unfriendly liquids and materials.


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