Pim Stallmann

Pim Stallmann and the Tango

I was born in Amsterdam in 1947. Since 2005 I have worked full time as painter and artist. My paintings are strongly dominated by a theme of the Argentine Tango.

In the series of paintings the tangodancers dance in a variety of surroundings,

A stay in Oostend inspired the series “Tango at Sea”. Several years of training to learn how to paint imitations of marble and grisailles were the origin of the series “Grissaile Tango”, ”Tango in Black and White”, “Delft and China Tango”, “Art Deco Tango”, “Tango@theCity” and “Tangofloors”.

All these were traditionally painted with oil and acrylic on canvas. Early 2013, I made a switch to digital painting. Using Adobe Illustrator CS6 as paint and an iMac as canvas, the Argentine Tango is placed now in new digital surroundings.

My tango paintings were exhibited in for instance Amsterdam, Groningen, Zwolle, London, Stockholm, Malmo, Dusseldorf, Antwerp, Ostend, Paris, Most,Tuscany, and Nagasaki.