Riny Adams

The paintings of Riny Adams(1954) are the result of everything that she experiences around her. She never focuses on one thing in particular but lets the painting grow. Initially she mainly painted things and people around her but recently she is more engaged with color, line and matter. You could call her work lyrical – abstract. Riny often visits natural habitats, in every season. This is especially noticeable in the organic forms and structures, such as a tree stumps, the stakes in Domburg beach or the structure of a limestone wall. Her use of color is mainly a reflection of her feelings. The things you see when you are in a natural habitat by yourself can give you a very special feeling. It’s like you are the only one who sees all these forms and colors. She incorporates this feeling in her artworks. Graffiti like those found in nature, in trees and marl in the city or on walls, doors and trains, are recurring elements in her work. In December 2009 Riny participated in the Biennale of Florence. She is part of the DFBA (Dutch Florence Biennale Artists) Group that was formed afterwards.