Bubble Projects applies for allowances on behalf of artists and performing groups. Bubble Projects also takes care of the liquidation and feedback to the beneficiary of the given goods.

Make sure you only have to focus on the artistic process and not on the administration. Bubble Projects makes sure you can be a creator and will take care of the financial matters Send an email!

Want to do something special with your friends, family or collegues. We mediate between your event and our artist.|Become an artists yourself supervised by one of our artists.

Company Advice
Bubble Projects advises companies how to integrate fine art in their business. These companies can be situated in the Netherlands but also in other countries in Europe. Bubble Projects will advise during acquisition or sale of an art work. Further, Bubble Projects will draw up a plan how to integrate art in companies or how to start a business art collection. Your business is only complete when art works are part of your company pride!

Meet Bubble Projects and you’ll be surprised about the many functionalities and possibilities of art.

There is no accounting for tastes, but about artworks there is. That’s why it’s important to have good agreements. Bubble Projects wants to achieve a clear and balanced attitude towards art and its owner. If a conflict arises concerning art and there should be judicial advice, Bubble Projects is a great partner to you.

With clear, solid and transparant agreements Bubble Projects takes away a lot of complex situations. Thanks to a lot of experience Bubble Projects will be a great partner!


Private collectors who already started a collection or those who want to start an art collection can consult Bubble Projects. Bubble Projects will assist private collectors from doing research on a specific artist to the purchase of the artwork. From the beginning till the end, Bubble Projects will be at your side.

A strong strategy, a great network and a lot of knowledge are the qualities of Bubble Project that let your acquisition be more than ‘just an investment’.