Sia Braakman

In the paintings and ceramics of Sia, the color blue features prominently. The blue hues are important for her, because they have a high expressive power for her. This gives her the opportunity to translate her surrounding world into shape and form. The paintings often display moments of surprise, impotence, wonder, freedom and desire. In some paintings the blues are abundantly present, in others more subtly so. After the subject has been translated into hues of blue, other colors can enter the stage. On this stage the purity of the subject can be expressed very well. The ceramic objects often express wonder and one can recognize respect for the shape and material. The ancient material of clay, in all its varieties, offers a lot of possibilities. It gives Sia the opportunity to translate her respect for daily object, tools, into art objects. Sia gained insight of mixing blue hues into the enamels of her ceramics after a long search full of trial and error. Since then the blues have become her friends and partners. She applies them in a wild variety of ways, together with golden ornaments, pigment and oxide paintings.