Tessa Maagdenberg

Tessa Maagdenberg is a contemporary visual artist with a great love for painting and a passion and fascination for the painting process. She strives for the ultimate combination of composition, pattern, form and brushstrokes. This process of trial and error to her is as important as the ultimate result. She works in series, but each individual work needs to be able to stand on its own as an independent work of art.

She uses wallpaper, indian ink and acrylic paint. These three form the basis of her recent work, that sometimes comes in the form of a single brushstroke forming an alliance with    the pattern of the paper and sometimes the strokes of ink and paint collaborate with the pattern to form a complex abstract image that almost resembles an imaginary landscape. Throughout the process of making her abstracts she forces herself to constantly make choices and push her limits resulting in layered and seductive works of art.