Mario Schaeffer

The concept of my work is chance, evolving, I make a sequence of 3 or 5 works in a certain style and motion and like to reinvent myself taking some technique’s to the next level, I don’t feel to belong in a specific area like contemporary, abstract or conceptual art, I like to leave that opinion to the art lover looking at my work. I know what I give but not what is received. By meditation and emptying my mind I become the stillness of my empty canvas, it lets me flow, the end result is already there in a sense of the subconscious mind.

Just being aware of awareness, consciousness, love and kindness, just to be is enough to expose what becomes!!

Music is always around on that moment of painting, the natural rhythm of painting on a  subconsciously state of being, supporting the becoming of art by color, perspective and composition, any slow kind of blue note soul jazz or lounge jazz makes things happen, so subconscious and consciousness become one not influenced by the hasty rhythm of the world.

Growing up:

I’m  painting since early childhood watching my father (Simon Schaeffer) painting hiss art as a professional artistic painter and my grandfather (Marius Schaeffer) and the brothers of my father (Jan and Marius Schaeffer) all from the classical Art academy “school of the Hague”. I was brought up and confronted with the feeling of art true out my whole life, the smell of turpentine and oil paint were significant and stimulating my own art work ever since I was born.

Personal experience:

Sind’s I have being studying mindfulness and Zen Buddhist way of being, living in the actual moment now, I found profound differences in my art work also, the way, the aprouce the hole process changed in a more free way, a bliss full way.

I’m not saying I’m a Buddhist, I’m who I’m, just human that’s enough, a human that paints with all passion of the moment, filoseffy about life writing poetry and love to have contact in a loving kind way, not judging or being judgmental, that has a very positive effect on my work, colorful and free, just expressing my soul on the canvas not influenced by emotions.

Hardest point:

There were moments like in every person’s life, they could be described as hard, painful, emotional, knocking you down to earth and surely effecting my art, but now, the time I live, looking back I have a smile, because I see it gave me a lot to, every malice or problem can be seen as a gift, it teaches one wise lessons if you learn to see beyond the pain of things and the role of one’s ego, knotting is lasting, all flows, with that knowledge one sees solutions not problems, one sees love not anger or pain, I’m grateful for my past (hard) times, it made my art what it is now, and now is what counts, I don’t live there anymore, and what my art will be in future shows when the time is there in the actual moment, I’m not concerned about that, I’m the luckiest person on earth because I can express myself in my art forms.

The most gratifying:

Is there a specific moment, there where surely great events always, but every moment even the smallest can be bigger than the biggest world event, to hear people talk about my art, to see the emotions on faces feeling the energy, even getting a Hugh and kiss sometimes just because they were able to see it, or listening to their own perception and how they experience your work is most gratifying, and sure it makes me happy my works sells good what able me to evolve and go on with what I do, I know in our world often is achievement bigger than the actual art itself, and I could write a long list of exhibitions, art events, sales all over the world, but in the end I believe my work should speak for itself, that is important for me, if I attend my art on contest I never promote people to vote for me, if I win and it happens by itself I know it is my art  that won the award, not the promotion amongst various friends that I have, they are many wath is nice, so see for your self’s and feel free to either love or hate it, with love Mario.


Art always has its own accomplishment, it speaks for itself, any form of expression is an accomplishment on itself, it will reveille itself by the one looking at the painting. Just evolving and freely do my work giving pleasure to people to watch my work is in a deep sense enough.

Stand out:

It is my art, it is my soul, and any art stands out in its on unique way!! I never look at what others do for inspiration, or use styles used before, I maintain searching within myself for other ways and techniques always evolving, no day is the same, I love it, the nice thing of diversity is reaching a broad public with different art feel, because knotting is forever, not everything needs to be liked or no need for me to fit in to a style or community. I never want to have the feeling  repeating myself so my art becomes a trick a gimmick, people saying o that is typical so and so, or he must have being inspired by so and so, or he must have been a student of so and so. Every painting should be unique, straight from my heart and passion of the moment!!!

Just a painting made by Mario Schaeffer!!!

Ik ben geïnteresseerd in de werken van deze kunstenaar