Rob van Hemert and Desiree Verkerk in Hilton Stockholm.


Utrecht, February 6th 2012

Rob van Hemert and Desiree Verkerk in Hilton Stockholm.

February 6th – March 5th , 2012

Bubble Projects presents two talented Dutch artists this month: Rob van Hemert and Desiree Verkerk. They will exhibit their work in Hilton Stockholm Slussen hotel. Escape the cold and warm yourself by paying a visit to this atmospheric exhibition. The entrance is free en these beautiful artworks are also for sale. If you visit Stockholm for leisure or business, this is very good opportunity to take a look and get inspired. But of course everyone is welcome

Rob van Hemert

Dutch artist Rob van Hemert (born 1949) paints since he was 14 years old. Back then in the basement of the house of his parents. It was ‘the’ place where he could withdraw himself from a very complex family life. He studied at the Free Academy and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and then architecture at the Polytechnic Institute in The Hague. The consequences of his youth show clearly throughout his work. He painted at first with big strokes, then gradually, he began to feel a strong affinity to the obsessive minimalism of a Mondrian and a Jan Schoonhoven. That gave structure to his mind. Although he also paints figurative, he realizes constantly that figures and faces capture melancholic memories. The abstract geometric shapes bring the same but less painful eloquence to express his thoughts and experiences.

Desiree Verkerk

One of Bubble Projects latest artists is Desiree Verkerk. She graduated in 2003 at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. When you look at her work it’s obvious that she gets her inspiration out of daily life. When something beautiful strikes her she just has to put that on the canvas. That’s why her subjects are so divers. Her colours are sober and she focuses the attention on the subject with small details.

Hilton Stockholm Slussen hotel
Guldgrand 8
Box 15270
10465, Stockholm

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