Three Dutch artists exhibit in Hilton Malmö.


Utrecht, February 7th 2012

Three Dutch artists exhibit in Hilton Malmö.

Margo Smeets, Carolien Reinking and Hans Debets, 07/02 – 06/03

This month Bubble Projects shows work of three talented artists from The Netherlands: Margo Smeets, Carolien Reinking and Hans Debets. They exhibit their paintings at a very unique location: Hilton Malmö. The entrance is free and the artworks are also for sale. If you visit Malmö for leisure or business, this is very good opportunity to take a look and get inspired. But of course we welcome everyone to enjoy the exhibition.

Margo Smeets

In her paintings Margo Smeets depicts life, in which connection, transformation and reflection are crucial. With her colourful abstract figurative style, she takes you on a journey through universal themes such as the elements, labyrinths, myths and seasons. By playing with different techniques, she creates variations on a theme and shows, both in technique and in subject matter, tantalizing layers. Margo Smeets was born in Heerlen in 1954. She studied art in Maastricht and Driebergen, Netherlands. She takes part in national and international art exhibitions.

Carolien Reinking

Dutch artist Carolien Reinking started painting when she was a young girl. She was taught by her grandfather, and from him she learned many different techniques such as watercolours, etching and woodcarving. Now Carolien mostly works with acrylic paint on linen or cotton. She is inspired by classical themes and bases her work on these themes with modern features, using combinations of materials in her work. Velvet, lacquer, pearls and other materials can be found in her paintings. Carolien grew up in the Netherlands but lived in Sweden, Germany, Poland and the United States until she came back to the Netherlands two years ago. Her work is inspired by this international experience, and is reflected in her international motifs in her art. Her love of colours and themes makes her paintings very authentic and unique. Carolien’s style is very recognizable and the colours, themes and materials make it very approachable to the viewer of her different works.

Hans Debets

Dutch artist Hans Debets is an expressive artist. His paintings are primarily visual images. At a first glance, they point to nothing other than themselves. In this sense they are realistic. What his paintings express lies not in an exterior meaning, but depends on the perception of the viewer. Of importance here is the painting itself and how the viewer experiences it. His work is a rediscovery of fundamental aspects of the art of painting. For this purpose Hans uses various basic tools: tape, rollers, palette knives, broad brushes. The paintings do not arise from a fixed concept. You could say that his work arises from his intuition. The images aim to surprise, intrigue and stimulate. They invite the viewer to look twice, to enrich themselves.

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