Vibrant abstractions in Hilton Copenhagen.


Utrecht, February 6th 2012

Vibrant abstractions in Hilton Copenhagen.
Marten Alkema, Ans Sluijter and Tine Lastein.

February 6th – March 4th 2012

Bubble Projects exhibits three exceptional artists this month in Hilton Copenhagen Airport hotel. No entrance fee and the artworks are for sale. Pay a visit and get inspired by these incredible works!

Marten Alkema

Expression with color. That is the thought behind the art of Marten Alkema, living and working in the north of Holland. He calls his paintings Mazl Art, a reference to his love of music from eastern Europe. Harlingen is the city at the seaside in which the painter, born in 1960,  gets his inspiration for his paintings. He is fascinated by the Cobra group and is inspired by a number of contemporary expressionist artists. Music and art for him are always linked. For Marten it has become a rhythm to paint listening to the sounds of eastern European music. Marten is an expressive painter working from his emotion. Typical for his paintings are strong colors. He always starts without pre set plans. His work originates on the canvas. The lines which form the compositions are often unpredictable. The way he works shows the value he sets on free expression. This requires concentration and letting go of pre set thoughts and ideas. The paintings by Marten have a contemporary style, with balance between abstract expressionism and Cobra. He always accepts the challenge, sometimes strong then again subtle, to create a solitary world with color.

Ans Sluijter-Wolters

Artist Ans Sluijter-Wolters comes from ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Her work acquired a prominent place in the world of visual arts. Characteristic features are the themes, dynamism, passion and emotion, often combined with passionate colors. Human beings are her biggest inspiration, possibly due to her former work as a nurse in the past. During her work she fully relies on her intuition and it balances on the border of figuration and abstraction. She reflects two extremes in her work, the visible and invisible, and the interaction between them. The representation of what she sees and feels is a big source of inspiration for Ans. It is an inner experience which she expresses through her style of painting. It brings her work in an atmosphere of security and tranquility.

Tine Marie Lastein

Tine Marie Lastein (1975) is a Danish expressive artist. Master of Communication and student from the Copenhagen art school, Spektrum. “To me painting is a continuous exploration of colors, shapes and light. It is a fascinating universe to be part of and an ongoing communication with imagination, senses and feelings.”


Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel
Ellehammersvej 20, Copenhagen,
Denmark 2770

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