Visual delight in Hilton Malmö

January 5th 2012

Visual delight in Hilton Malmö.

Kevin Tjon-A-Joe and Peter Janssen, January 1-31 2012

Bubble Projects starts the new year with two incredible talents from The Netherlands, Kevin Tjon-A-Joe and Peter Janssen. They will show their brilliant works at a very unique location: Hilton Malmö. The entrance is free and the artworks are also for sale! If you visit Malmö for leisure or business, this is very good opportunity to take a look and get inspired. But of course we welcome everyone to enjoy the exhibition.

Kevin Tjon-A-Joe
Surrealist painter Kevin Tjon-A-Joe grew up with his grandparents in Suriname and during his youth he has always painted. He is mainly self-taught but also took several drawing and painting classes at the Nola Hatterman institute in Suriname. Nola Hatterman was a Dutch artist who founded an art school especially for Surinamese street children. When Kevin returned to The Netherlands when he was 20 years old, he continued to draw and paint with passion. It helped him to process everything that he had experienced in the war zones in former Yugoslavia, where he was sent to twice. He created a document of this and exhibited it a number of times for companions. In 2005 Kevin exhibited in Assen and Doorn (The Netherlands).

He creates what comes to his mind and he prefers to use bright colors. The memory of Suriname is recognizable in his art, the nature and way of life. But he also enjoys painting figures and still lifes. Kevin mostly paints on canvas but sometimes also on board and he uses both oil and acrylic paint. He draws and paints for more than 25 years and his biggest source of inspiration is Pablo Picasso, the founder of modern art.

Peter Janssen
Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1951), Peter Janssen was fascinated by detail and collections from his early years. As an artist he is known for his conceptual ideas and presentations.
He thinks both in two and three dimensions, to visualize order in his chaotic world. His work mainly consists of unique edition prints or/and installations. He uses different media to create his work, but he is mostly fascinated with paper and canvas combinations. Look through Peters eyes and take a peek into his anarchy of 5.

Hilton Malmö City hotel
Triangeln 2
20010, Malmö

Bubble Projects

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