Where northern light and raw cobra art meet each other.


November 7th 2011, Utrecht

Where northern light and raw cobra art meet each other.

Bubble Projects presents Ingrid van Leeuwen and Ben Amor, Nov. 4th – Dec. 1st  2011

November will be dedicated to two magnificent artists: Ingrid van Leeuwen and Ben Amor. Their inspirational works will be exhibited at an unique location: Hilton Stockholm Slussen hotel. The entrance is free en these beautiful paintings are also for sale! If you visit Stockholm for leisure or business, this is very good opportunity to take a look and get inspired. But of course everyone is welcome!

Ingrid van Leeuwen

Dutch artist Ingrid van Leeuwen originally graduated as an historian from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This background explains her interest in the past as a source of inspiration for several of her artworks like Olympic Games Beijing, Ice-Age and Age of Chivalry.

Besides history, also nature in many different manifestations,  has a major influence on her thinking and painting, as seen in paintings as Phoenix, Waterfall, andNorth Sea.

She experiences painting as a creative process in which she creates her own mixed media techniques on linen. Thick layers of acrylic paint and almost transparent layers succeed each other in harmony on one single painting! She paints in a unique powerful and colorful “Staccato-Style” which is characterized by expressiveness in acryl with abstract as well as figurative elements. The vivid colors indicate the experience of different emotions in strength and appearance.

For Ingrid painting is a necessity of life, therefore she devoted herself increasingly to her art. At the moment she also works with precious metals which results in making fine and unusual gifts inspired by the past. A big amount of her king-size paintings are in the possession of galleries, concerns and private collections in the Netherlands.

Ben Amor

The work of Ben Amor (Tunis, 1968) expresses a complete disorderly freedom. The artist experiences the world as a spinning whole that cannot be caught into structures. Boundaries fade into a loose agreement with time and space. What is left is a total break with culture. Ben Amor paints with his heart rather than with his mind, searching for the unconscious existence with freedom and spontaneity as its keywords. Even though reason occasionally interferes with the choice of forms, lines, composition and color, emotion takes the lead. This relation between heart and mind, conscious and unconscious, together with his rapid and intense manner, shows an expressionistic abstraction in which order and chaos, light and dark, enter an undecided struggle.

Bubble Projects

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